Marine Tank Cleaning Machine & Equipment Rental

Leasing Programs for Tankers, Boats & Vessels Worldwide

Butterworth offers marine clients unique long and short term leasing programs for the rental of Butterworth bronze Type K and SK portable tank cleaning machines (PTCMs). Both rental programs emphasize flexibility and convenience for the vessel management and shipboard personnel.

Short Term Rentals

Ideal for through tank cleaning when a vessel is to go into dry dock or when changing the type of cargo you carry, a short term lease is less than or equal to 2 months (60 days).

Rental Program & Rates Overview

Long Term Rentals

Although structured as a long term contract, the Long Term Rental Agreement is in force only as long as there are Type K or SK PTCMs onboard. Therefore should the vessel be sold, change management, or change trading pattern, the Rental Agreement ceases once all PTCMs are received by a Butterworth Supply Center and all outstanding funds due Butterworth are paid in full.

  • Machines. There is no fixed quantity of PTCMs. They may be added or returned to meet changing operational requirements such as pre-dry-dock cleanup operations. All PTCMs are tracked by serial numbers utilizing a sophisticated inventory system.
  • Rental Charges. Rental charges begin on the date the PTCM leaves a Butterworth Supply Center and ends the date the PTCM is received by a Butterworth Supply Center.
  • Invoices are generated on a monthly basis. This not only eliminates prepayments, and hence benefits cash flow, but the invoice contains information on the PTCMs onboard and associated activity. You will note that we charge on a daily basis per PTCM.The invoice is also an information source for shore based vessel management personnel. In addition to the PTCMs serial numbers and financial information, the invoice reflects: the date the PTCM was delivered and from which Butterworth Supply Center; the date the landed defective PTCM was received by and which Butterworth Supply Center; and the number of days during the previous month the PTCMs were onboard.Lastly, the invoice lists any Return Fees for PTCMs that were landed. The superintendent or technical manager may monitor the activity to confirm shipments as well as the appropriate quantity of PTCMs onboard.
  • Return Fee. Rather than pay for individual PTCM repairs when the machines are returned, there is a fixed charge per machine. This allows the owner/manager to budget for a predetermined amount. Each PTCM undergoes a complete rebuilding process which includes the replacement of all seals and o-rings as well as damaged or worn parts at our facility in Houston, TX.
  • Supply Centers. There are fourteen (14) Butterworth Supply Centers worldwide. Each Supply Center has a listing of vessels in our rental program. Therefore the vessel, local agent, or shore based personnel may arrange for deliveries/receipts directly with the Supply Center, their sales representative or Butterworth at[email protected].

Marine Supply Centers Locations

Seagulf Marine Industries, Inc.
815 Rue Mill Street
Montreal, Quebec H3C 1Y5
Phone: 514.935.6933
Fax: 514.935.3665
Email: [email protected]
PIC: Alexander Zeagman

Seagulf Marine Industries, Inc.
38 Payzant Avenue
Dartmouth, Nova Scotia B3B 1Z6
Phone: 514.935.6933
Fax: 514.935.3665
Email:    Email: [email protected]
PIC: Alexander Zeagman

Seagulf Marine Industries, Inc.
113 Cushman Road, Unit 39
St. Catharines, Ontario L2M 6S9
Phone: 514.935.6933
Fax: 514.935.3665
Email: [email protected]
PIC: Alexander Zeagman

Gulf Agency Co. (Fujairah) LLC
P.O. Box 590
Fujairah U.A.E.
Phone: 971.9.22.28300
Fax: 971.9.22.28269
Email:   [email protected]
PIC: Stephen James [email protected]

GAC Netherlands Ltd.
Butaanweg 5 D
Rotterdam / Pernis
Port nr. 3005
The Netherlands
Phone: 31 10 2310822
Fax: 31 10 4289671
Email:  [email protected]
PIC: Jan Oosterwijk

GAC (Singapore) PTE. LTD.
C/O Addicon Logistics Mgt. (S) Pte Ltd
52 Tanjong Penjuru #02-02/03/04
CWT Logistics Hub 3
Singapore 609034
Phone: 65 6477 1769
Fax: 65 6542 4719
PIC: Sam Ong
Yanti (Ms)
Email: [email protected]
[email protected]

Sistemas Industriales Y Navales, S.L.
Phone: 34.94.480.07.53
Fax: 34.94.480.05.59
Email: [email protected]
PIC: Mr. Alex Lenchundi [email protected]
Delivery Address
C/O Partida Aduanas, S.L.
Muelle Isla Verde, S/N
Puerto De Algeciras
11207 Algeciras (Spain)
Ref. Customs Code: ES001131

Zervoudakis Marine Supplies Ltd.
31 Milou Street
GR-185 45 Piraeus, Greece
Phone: 30 210 4623700
Fax: 30 210 4627900
Email: [email protected]
PIC: John Zervoudakis


Icon International, Inc.
345 N. Beacon St.
San Pedro, California 90731
Phone: 310.831.9261
Fax: 310.831.4442
PIC: Bruce Bales [email protected]

West Coast Ship Supply.
1611 17TH STREET
Oakland, California 94607
Phone: 510.444.7200
Fax: 510.444.7216
Email: [email protected]
PIC: Andrew Licht [email protected]

East Coast Ship Supply 755 Central Avenue
New Providence, NJ 07974
Phone: 732-205-9790
Fax: 732-205-9791
Email:  [email protected]
PIC: Dag Wielfaert

West Coast Ship Supply
1705 NE Argyle St.
Portland, Oregon 97211
Phone: 503.224.9950
Fax: 503.224.9905
Email: [email protected]
PIC: Pete Haviland [email protected]

Alliance Supply Management, Ltd.
4551 Kennedy Commerce Drive
Houston. Texas 77032
Phone: 713.335.2500
Fax: 713.335.2501
Email:   [email protected]
PIC: Tim Richardson
[email protected]

West Coast Ship Supply
6767 E. Marginal Way S.
Seattle, Washington 98108
Phone: 425.771.4840
Fax: 425.771.4986
Email:  [email protected]
PIC: Tommy Bell
[email protected]

For more information on Butterworth’s marine rental program for Type K or SK tank cleaning machines and equipment, contact us
at 866.920.3233 or send us an email.