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building…The First

Arthur Butterworth, invented and patented the process for tank cleaning, patented the first automated tank cleaning machine, and then founded our company in 1925. Since then, we have been dedicated to fostering the advancement of this technology. Butterworth’s primary purpose was to improve safety conditions aboard ocean-going vessels by eliminating manual cargo tank cleaning – an often dangerous and laborious job. Today, in addition to serving our marine customers, we offer consultation and engineering services suitable for all types of tanks across multiple industries.

…and Always the Best

Butterworth tank cleaning machines have built-in reliability and strength because they were originally intended for use in marine tank cleaning applications, where durability and dependability are a must. Now we have added versatility, simplifying deployment in plants with numerous and diverse types of tanks. Butterworth equipment uses its proprietary “stream impingent technology” for faster cleaning while using less water, energy, and cleaning chemicals. Faster cleaning means more up-time and productivity for your tanks.

Butterworth is the world leader in providing the highest quality marine and industrial automated tank cleaning equipment and solutions. We offer a total solution, providing onsite surveys, analysis, design, engineering support, installation, and third party verification for regular tank cleaning projects.

Innovation made us the first. Our commitment to providing honest, friendly, and knowledgeable service makes us the best.


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