Type UBF Rotating Spray Head

The Butterworth UBF rotating spray head offers 270° coverage for
the cleaning of the inside of small tanks, process vessels, pipes,
and other small containers.

The Butterworth UBF has been designed to fit through an opening
as small as 1.00″ in diameter. As standard, made completely
of high quality 316L stainless steel with a high polished finish.
Typical uses are small comtainers used within the beverage
industry; small bore pipes, and as augmentation to larger CIP

The Butterworth UBF is a Rotating Spray Head (RSH) and
completes a full pattern in one rotation of the head. The higher the
inlet pressure, the faster the rotation of he head itself. The amount
of run time and pressure will vary… depending on the cleaning

User Benefits
• Reduced Cleaning Times
• Reduced Effluent Generation
• Reduced Energy Costs

Specifications Summary


Maximum Temperature:

Connection Types:

Surface Finish:

Materials of Construction (As Standard):



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Type UBF Rotating Spray Head

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