Tool Kit Components

Tool Kit Components – BC/Q: 569/97

The Butterworth BC and Q Tank Cleaning Machines are supported by authorized maintenance tools as listed below.  Please refer to your maintenance instructions on the correct use of these tools and the proper times to contact your Butterworth representative for replacement options.

Tools Listing                                                              Release Date:
177251                                                                          3 inch Hook Spanner
177252                                                                          Seal Insertion Tool
177255                                                                          Torque Socket Tool
177254                                                                          3-10mm Circlip Pliers/Straight Nose
177249                                                                          10-20mm Circlip Pliers
177245                                                                          Circlip Pliers
177248                                                                          5mm Circlip Pliers/Straight Nose
177250                                                                          Pointed Nose Pliers
177207                                                                          Spanner Wrench
177208                                                                          Small Spanner Wrench
177247                                                                          1.5mm Punch
177246                                                                          3mm Punch
177227                                                                          Drive Shaft Insertion Tool
177258                                                                          Nozzle Tip Spanner Wrench

Data Sheet

Spare Parts and Tool Kits Data Sheet

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