Type MICRO100A Tank Cleaning Machine

The Butterworth Type MICRO100A automated tank cleaning machine provides 360° impact indexed coverage for the cleaning of the inside of tanks and process vessels.

The Butterworth Type MICRO100A is a highly versatile machine and is applicable in most all types of tanks for process, storage, and transportation. It can be used as a portable unit or permanently mounted.

The Butterworth Type MICRO100A machine creates a pattern matrix similar to a ball of twine. A complete pattern is established when 36 axial revolutions of the body have been completed. During the process of this pattern build out, 4 cycles are established with each cycle increasing the density of the pattern matrix. The variable speed motor allows for flexible cycle times.

Specifications Summary

Pressure Range – Fluid:

Pressure Range – Air:

Maximum Temperature:

Materials of Construction (As Standard):


Minimum Opening:


Data Sheet

Tank Cleaning Machine MICRO100A Product Data Sheet

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