Type DW (Directional Washer) Tank Cleaning Machine

The Butterworth Type DW automated tank cleaning machine provides directional impact cleaning of the inside of open top tanks.

The Butterworth Type DW is typically used in open top tanks, such as those found in the oil & gas and food and beverage markets. The Type DW has the ability to clean tanks to a capacity of up to 10,000,000 gallons per machine.

The spray arms on the Butterworth Type DW are adjustable from 270 degrees down to zero. The machine will sweep a 45 degree area from the point which the arms are set. This allows the unit to be used in open tanks and in areas where a high buildup of solids might require some additional cleaning focus.

User Benefits

  • Elimination of Confined Space Entry
  • High Jet-Stream Impingement
  • Unmatched cleaning capability for highly tenacious material
  • Reduced Cleaning Times
  • Reduced Effluent Generation
  • Reduced Energy Costs
  • High Durability
Specifications Summary

Materials of Construction (as Standard)



Drive Type

Pressure Range

Jet-Length Radius

Temperature Range

Inlet Connection Type

Nozzle Sizes

Minimum Tank Opening

Minimum Machine Turning Radius

Data Sheets

DW Tank Cleaning Machine Product Data Sheet

Typical Operation
Cleaning Pattern Simulation
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